Robert SEIKON was born in 1987 in Gdynia, Poland. Artist is currently based in central Greece where he creates in his studio.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in GdaƄsk and has been active in the art world and exhibiting his works since 1999.

He is focused on paintings, murals and sculpture installations

SEIKON specializes in creating unique geometrical shapes which transform diverse surfaces with the use of color and design.

Throughout the years his style has evolved and his main interests focused on simple geometry and straight lines slowly transform, inspired by his second passion to nature, into a more organic and non figurative way of presenting the surrounding environment. 

Last couple of years the artist has had a growing interest in project Rurales. All travels with his crew based in rural areas makes a big step on what he currently creates.

for more informations and photos you can visit my website robertseikon.com